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At-Home Mens Hormone Health Test Kit

Easy to use at home testing kit that measures 8 of the most important hormones and biomarkers that impact male health and wellness.

This Kit Tests For :

Total & Free Testosterone

Estradiol (Estrogen)



Prostate-Specific Antigen

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)

Whats Included:

Comprehensive Labwork

Access to Results on Digital Patient Portal

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How It Works

Register Your Test Online

To begin, you'll receive your test kit in the mail via free priority shipping. Register your test online with an easy to scan QR Code.

Collect Sample

Use the lancet provided to collect a small blood sample and deposit onto the provided sample collection card.

Return with Prepaid Mailer

Place testing kit back in the mail using the prepaid return postage included.

View Digital Health Scores

View personalized digital health scores for each biomarker tested as well as detailed insights and information as it relates to optimizing your health in areas you may be deficient. Your test allows us to analyze key biomarkers that drive mental and physical health. Your biomarker data tells the story of your true inner health to discover which areas you're fully optimized and which areas have room for improvement.